Reflections on ACEs Aware in California

Pathways to Resilience leadership reflects on the many lessons that can be learned from California's unprecedented investment in advancing trauma-responsive policies and programs through the ACEs Aware initiative.

Key Takeaways: Becoming Healing-Centered States

Experts from across the country gathered to discuss cross-sector approaches for preventing trauma and promoting healing. Participants identified opportunities for innovation in state policy.

Arizona Legislative Workgroup Creates Action Plan to Address ACEs

Learn how Arizona's Department of Health Services is prioritizing ACE awareness and taking steps to promote life-long health and wellbeing for Arizona youth.

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A monthly forum for state executive, legislative, and judicial branch staff to discuss and debate cross-sector practices for responding to trauma and building resilience.

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Engaging Experts: The Stress Response

In the latest video in our Engaging Experts series, Dr. Rachel Gilgoff talks about implications of toxic stress, which is the prolonged activation of the stress response system. She explains how the repeated activation of the stress response system can impact both the body and mind and increase the risk of serious health conditions.

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State policymakers are invited to join the Pathways Learning Network, a monthly forum to discuss cross-sector and promising practices for responding to trauma and supporting resilience.

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